I am a passionate adventurer in the world of birth. As a mum, doula and mentor, I am known for my warmth and sense of humour, and my ability to see and feel both sides of a story. Which has proved a very handy when working with the mystery, joys, and challenges of birth and parenthood!

Like many practitioners who are drawn to an area where they have experienced personal pains, I have deep understanding and compassion for the challenges and fears that my clients face.  I’ve got first hand experience of being really frightened of birth, dealing with trauma,  overcoming some of my biggest obstacles during my birth and mothering journeys,  and receiving some of my life’s most valuable gifts during these experiences.  So I can meet clients with an authentic knowing that birth can be a great life teacher and a vehicle for transformation. I have also learned first -hand how essential it is for us to be compassionate with ourselves as we go through these life-changing journeys, and to really embrace looking after ourselves from the inside out.  To be the most healthy and vibrant women and mothers we can be.

After having my second baby I discovered Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation, and used it as a great tool for deep relaxation, resolving emotional conflicts,   managing fatigue, improving my quality of sleep, balancing my hormones and soothing my nervous system.  I was inspired to share this with other women so they could feel more resourced from the inside out, especially anyone with broken sleep, going though stress, or looking after a young family,  and set up the Power Nap for Superwomen classes in 2014 and continued training in yoga Nidra meditation with iRest and specialising in yoga nidra for birth and mothers wellbeing with Karen Brody. 

Working one-to-one, in groups, or over Skype, I take inspiration from a variety of the best birth preparation systems I’ve found over the years, use energy psychology tools to help clients work with their emotions, limiting beliefs and fears, and visioning their next steps from a place of authenticity and knowing.

I always enjoy working with second time mothers, especially after difficult first births. I offer a unique way of exploring the previous birth experience and help women, and couples prepare for the next birth with a fresh perspective.

As well as using information from many sources of training, reading and experiences over the years,  I love to weave in fun, creativity, art, story telling, deep listening, and intuition to help the women I work with to disocver their own answers, get to the root of their challenges,  make their own choices, and move forward in a way that serves them.

If that sounds too ‘hippy’, then rest assured that while I’m very comfortable  exploring life’s deep mysteries, using my intuition and probably do know the star signs of most celebrities,  I enjoy all sorts of ways of living and thinking and am as comfortable discussing life doing the school run, day-dreaming about going on spa-days, and knowing which singer just left One Direction as I’m am about conscious birth and life. 

Please drop me a line if I can be of any help on your birth journey, with one-to-one support,  or if you’d like to try a yoga nidra meditation powernap session.

All the best,



Jolie Compton


07794381 447

01722 744106

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