Yoga Nidra Power Naps


Experience The Ultimate

Power Nap for Super Women

Are you Over worked, Over stressed, Over tired?
Are you looking for some Quality Me-Time & to Relax more deeply?

  • Yoga Nidra is a supercharged relaxation meditation power nap with a difference!
  • It’s simple & requires no previous experience.
  • Basic yoga mat, head pillow and light blanket provided – bring extra if you need it.
  • Enjoy being guided into a deep sleep-like state of relaxation & rejuvenation.
  • Flood the body with feel good chemicals & slow the busy mind.
  • Can help improve mood, quality of sleep, state of health & well-being.
  • Refreshments provided.
  • No physical movement – so lay down, get comfortable and receive!
  • Time for you to feel, connect and rejuvenate from the inside out.
  • £10 per group session

Classes held at:

57 Winchester Street

Or contact Jolie for individual sessions in person, or over Skype

Connect on FACEBOOK at:


‘No word of a lie, these Power Naps have been life changing. I knew I needed some me time and some proper REST but I didn’t realise how badly until I embarked on Yoga Nidra Power Naps with Jolie and I haven’t missed a session since. 
I look forward to Thursday evening knowing I can manifest some proper rest in my busy life and with a toddler and new baby due it 3 weeks quality rest time is needed more than ever. The sessions are accessible, fun, enlightening and restful and Jolie is a responsive, kind and passionate lady with a wealth of knowledge and compassion to help guide you into blissed out loveliness. 
Highly recommended! ‘
Lucy S

I only have positive feedback about last week’s session. I found it incredibly relaxing and felt extremely calm and re-energised afterwards. The tea and biscuits were a lovely way to end the time too!


Space is limited to 6 people in each session so please book online or by text 07794 381 447

Getting comfortable: We will be laying down, using a yoga mat, pillow for head and under knees, and light blanket or cover so your don’t loose too much heat as you relax.  If you are pregnant please bring plenty of extra cushioning.




Last night I attended one of Jolie Compton’s yoga nidra meditation relaxation classes. This was such an interesting, restful and rejuvenating experience which I can highly recommend. The concept is totally new to me, but being allowed to empty my mind and zone out completely was amazing.

Thank you so much for your ‘gift’ of the last session  it was truly lovely and I came away feeling very differently to how I arrived I am really looking forward to the next one

How lovely to find something so wonderful in little Barford…A really relaxing session that left me feeling grounded all day…looking forward to next week already
Lucy D

Amazing evening…just what I needed and what I’ve been looking for….Can wait for the next instalment!  

Jolie, last night was wonderful! Can’t wait for next Thursday.


Yoga Nidra Powernap with Birth Preparation One to One Session:
“The session with Jolie was pure indulgence, from the herbal tea to the chocolate, the use of felt tip pens and having a chance to lie down! Most imortantly, however, was the opportunity to talk about myself and my thoughts and feelings which often gets neglected in family life. Through talking to Jolie, and her asking the right questions at the start of the session, I discovered that I felt fully confident about the pending birth…… as long as it went to plan! By the end of the session I learnt to accept and even embrace the birth even if it went off course. This skill was my ace card when I was told after 12 hours of labouring and getting to 8cm that I needed a Caesarean. I knew this was necessary and accepted it and half an hour later greeted our beautful, big (!), baby boy Benjamin into the world. ”




In this fast-paced 24/7 world this easy ‘sleep’ meditation tool is for everyone: women, men, mums, dads, kids, grandparents – anyone who wants to lie down, let go of stress, and ‘wake up’ feeling more resourced, rejuvenated and balanced from the inside out.
Yoga nidra is a ‘sleep’ meditation and mindfulness technique with the potential to change lives. It’s easy and anyone can benefit from it.

Within 30 minutes you can give your body and mind the equivalent of 3 hours deep sleep, help the body to heal, deal with emotional and mental tension, and increase your sense of joy and well-being.

We literally take a ‘power-nap’, create a ripple of peace and positivity and change the world by the time we wake up. Pretty powerful stuff!

I’ve used yoga nidra meditation as a fantastic way to preparing women emotionally for birth, and as a tool to manage fatigue postnatally, and I know there is so much more potential for positive change that can come through exploring yoga nidra meditation as a practice.

Published research shows the effectiveness of using Yoga Nidra meditation for a variety of issues and situations including addiction recovery, PTSD and trauma, physical pain, anxiety, stress and insomnia. It’s been used with military personnel returning from combat, with the homeless, in schools, and in hospices.

I am passionate about sharing yoga nidra power nap circles as a place to relax, connect and rejuvenate, and would love to know how I can support you!

I am a Level 1 Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher in Training with iRest and I have particpiated in the Bold Method for Birth Yoga Nidra Training.

email: or call/ text 07794381447 

Best wishes,

Jolie x



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