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Birth Preparation

One to One Tailored Birth Prepration Session:

“The session with Jolie was pure indulgence, from the herbal tea to the chocolate, the use of felt tip pens and having a chance to lie down! Most imortantly, however, was the opportunity to talk about myself and my thoughts and feelings which often gets neglected in family life. Through talking to Jolie, and her asking the right questions at the start of the session, I discovered that I felt fully confident about the pending birth…… as long as it went to plan! By the end of the session I learnt to accept and even embrace the birth even if it went off course. This skill was my ace card when I was told after 12 hours of labouring and getting to 8cm that I needed a Caesarean. I knew this was necessary and accepted it and half an hour later greeted our beautful, big (!), baby boy Benjamin into the world. ”  M


Birth Doula Service Overview

  • Birth Preparation sessions
  • On call for the 4 weeks around your birth due date
  • Attending the birth (however long it takes!)
  • Post natal support visits

As well as helping you prepare for birth,  and being with you through out the birth, a Doula can also be a friendly supporter in those precious early days after the baby arrives: going through your birth story with you, listening to  you to express your feelings without judgment, helping you to establish breast or bottle feeding, offering you encouragement you while you establish your own style of mothering, helping to provide practical support with food preparation, tidying up, playing with siblings, or holding the baby so you can have a shower, have a rest, or just enjoy bonding time with your baby.

A doula can also support the Dad to understand his new role, answering any concerns he may have, show him how he can best support you and the baby and listen to his experience of the birth too.

Birth Preparation

I can spend time exploring your beliefs and values around birth, discuss areas of potential concerns and anxiety, and help you establish your own vision for birth (whilst remaining mindful of remaining open and flexible to change and unpredictability that also goes hand in hand with birth).

If you have children already, we can explore what you may need to put into place to prepare for a new baby in the family, and what help you may need to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone in the family.

Depending on what you know already, I can help you learn about the forms, sounds and impressions of labour through tools such as DVDs, books, stories and other mediums, the physiology of birth, and the role that your environment and hormones play in labour, birth, bonding and breastfeeding.

We can look at the different forms of pain relief and explore which options you prefer for you and your baby. We can practise natural pain management techniques such as relaxation, active birth positions, breathing techniques, and exercises to help connect with your baby such as meditation and visualisation.

I am happy to support you in any birth environment and will encourage you to choose the place that you feel the most safe and supported to birth your baby the way that you want to.

It is my hope that you can enter birth feeling empowered to handle whatever happens and my intention is to provide unconditional emotional openness to you, your partner and your baby during this time.

NEW at Jolie Doula:

As part of birth preparation I am delighted to have teamed up with my sister (who was a wonderful doula for my second birth) to offer her expertise as an award winning bodyworker and masseuse for pregnancy and post natal realignment.   If you are working with me as a doula you will now also have access to a pregnancy massage with Daisy as part of my doula service fee.  Because taking care of your body and deepening your pleasure and relaxation in pregnancy is a vital part of the birth and hormone preparation process. We want you feeling like a birthing queen and you should be treated like one!




Doula Role:

Including birth preparation visits, being on call for the birth for four weeks around your due date, attending the birth and a postnatal visit plus a pregnancy massage treament from an award winning specialist is £750.


Other services include:

  • One-to-one birth preparation sessions
  • Win Win Birth plan facilitation
  • Birth Debriefing and Birth Trauma Healing Sessions


For more information about my services, costs and current availability please contact me