Em and Neli

One to One Birth Preparation with Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy Session:

“The session with Jolie was pure indulgence, from the herbal tea to the chocolate, the use of felt tip pens and having a chance to lie down! Most imortantly, however, was the opportunity to talk about myself and my thoughts and feelings which often gets neglected in family life. Through talking to Jolie, and her asking the right questions at the start of the session, I discovered that I felt fully confident about the pending birth…… as long as it went to plan! By the end of the session I learnt to accept and even embrace the birth even if it went off course. This skill was my ace card when I was told after 12 hours of labouring and getting to 8cm that I needed a Caesarean. I knew this was necessary and accepted it and half an hour later greeted our beautful, big (!), baby boy Benjamin into the world. ”


After One to One Birth Prepration Session at Home

” I just wanted to take the time to say a big thank you. We both feel much more prepared and organised for the journey ahead, with the arrival of *.

Your experience and passion has given us an abundance of confidence going forward, ensuring a positive relaxed experience regardless of what may happen.

I was really surprised just how much * was engaging with you, and that’s a credit to your relaxed and calm approach, we both. , but more importantly * was able to ask you questions at ease.

Thank you for the material it exactly covered everything and more.”





“You have supported us in SO many ways, both obvious and intangible and I couldn’t have done it physically, mentally or emotionally without you! You are SO mild and strong all at the same time! “
Loren and Grant

Emily’s Birth Story:

It’s hard to know where to start when writing about Jolie’s role as my doula. She is the most incredibly knowledgeable, patient, positive, inspiring and balancing woman who I very much needed in this multi-facetted role.

Jolie ‘doula-ed’ my pregnancy as much as my birth through her physical, emotional and spiritual support. My personal circumstances were extremely stressful to the point of despair and Jolie held me throughout. The only thing I felt confident about was after the baby was born, strangely. But I knew I had to work through a lot of pain and trauma before this. I needed to work through what I was still going through and Jolie helped me beyond compare.

When I was about 7 months pregnant, Jolie introduced me to and facilitated EFT sessions with me. This really helped alleviate some of my pain. She also introduced me to Yoga Nidra as I had trouble sleeping. This was greatly beneficial to my much needed rest. Each of these practices via Jolie’s gentle guidance and facilitation really helped me accept and move through emotional pain associated with my pregnancy.

As expected, the closer I got to birth the more I wanted to know about how to plan for labour. Jolie’s vast knowledge of all things ‘birth’ greatly assisted my ‘win win’ birth plan. I felt confident and as ready as I would ever be. Jolie offered guidance in a variety of ways that suited me. I didn’t want to read too much so Jolie showed me images, films, talked me through and gave me physical demonstrations and exercises!

I had a hard and long back to back labour and I will never forget how Jolie basically became my voice, my surrogate partner, my sister even my dance partner during the entire exhausting process! She didn’t sleep for 2 nights, she lost her voice, she did the work of the 4 midwives who passed through my door. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve given birth without her. I felt totally held by her. Jolie even danced with me to cheesy tunes during contractions. I hung off her neck like an oversized and very heavy necklace every time a contraction came. It was Jolie who spotted that my baby was back to back before anyone else. Jolie had to do everything, feed me, massage me, talk to me, text my worried relatives and friends while all the while holding me. All the while she was focused on my baby and I and our connection. This was most poignant after I was taken to hospital.

When I travelled from home to hospital, Jolie once again supported this awkward transition with love and compassion for us all.

Strangely to me, my contractions really picked up once I made the move from home to hospital. My back was so painful I actually felt like my spine was going to explode. I was so tired I asked for an epidural and once this kicked in I was able to really focus on my unborn baby again and the task at hand. Previously in the ambulance I felt I lost focus and was resisting the urge to push as I thought my back would explode and my bowels were prolapsing.

In theatre a kind but very annoying nurse was twittering on in my ear when all I wanted to do was focus on pushing through the contractions (even though I couldn’t feel them). Jolie was a voice of calm in my other ear steering my focus back to where it should be on not on entertaining he nurse. This was so valuable and great that Jolie picked up on this. Jolie knows how I am with feeling a need to make sure other people feel like they’re heard by me but this was not the time for it! I connected in again with Nelima and managed to push her out into the world.

When Nelima was taken from the theatre space as I had my episiotomy sewn up it was Jolie who held her… I am glad it was Jolie who fulfilled this role as I felt her blessing Neli into the world as I lay in theatre desperate to hold my baby.

All in all, Jolie in an absolute angel to pregnant women. A Goddess who understands balance and Yin and Yang in birth and in life. I have a belief in Science and a belief in the spiritual and etheric. Jolie acknowledges this and works with it.

As for my beautiful baby girl, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been told she is the happiest baby people have ever met. She is a balanced, happy, inquisitive little person and I am the happiest I have ever been in a role I feel I was born to be. This, I believe is down to working through the traumas before Neli’s birth. Jolie’s counselling certainly assisted this. We will forever be grateful to her.


“Dearest Jolie,
A big thank you for being such a great doula for the birth of R and S. All your support was perfect for my needs.”


“Jolie is an amazing lady. I was very anxious about the whole giving birth thing. Jolie was an amazing support. She made …sure I was well informed throughout and did relaxation techniques with me to connect with my bubba. She was with me throughout the birth of my baby which didnt go as planned. She considered my needs which with a hospital birth can be pushed aside and she helped us make decisions by informing us of all the options. She supported me with breastfeeding and also when I made the decision to swap to bottle feeding without judgement. She supported me in the weeks after and helped with all those panic moments you have as new parents and she also helped me process the trauma I had of having my baby. Jolie is a very calming influence and made me feel safe. She really does go the extra mile for the parents she works with. We still meet up now for a coffee and a catch up. She will always have a special place in our families hearts.”


“To Jolie,
Just a little note to say thank you so much for all your help and support in he build up to and at the birth of William. I really don’t know what we would’ve done without you and truly believe that W’s birth would’ve been so different (not in a good way) if you hadn’t been with us.”
Sarah and Ryan


I really don’t think I’d have had a drug free, speedy birth, breastfed or picked myself straight back up again mentally and physically if I didn’t have Doula support!

I had a very empowering birth even though we had a few challenges with regards to the plan but still managed to get the natural delivery I desired and felt in control throughout. Couldn’t have done it without the fantastic pre-labour support and protecting my environment from Jolie Compton and …making sure I’m fully aware of the whole process of labour! I knew exactly what to expect therefore trusted my body and did not fight it! It was brilliant, the whole 3 hours 15 mins although at one point I really thought I was going to die! You won’t die, you just have to push past it!

Having a Doula definately helped me birth my own way and gave me the control over my body through informed decisions through pregnancy! Happy mum happy baby and I’d do it all again tomorrow!

Dear Jolie,

Exactly a week ago I met you at SDH,a time i needed someone to help me go through child birth.You stood by my side giving me all the neccessary support i needed,even though my mum is far away in Ghana but I felt her presence in you. Words alone cannot express how grateful I am for everything you did for me on that Friday.You are my guardian angel. My husband had only returned from an exercise in Wales looking very tired, providing support for me greatly made a difference.God bless you.

My baby and I are doing well, as well as the family, my husband sends his regards.God Bless you


‘Jolie was brilliant. I really feel like I couldn’t have done it without her.  My husband was away when I went into labour and it was so good to know that I had someone to support me – I found Jolie to be so warm and supportive that she put me at ease immediately.

It helped so much to have someone on hand who could guide me through it and I really felt like I was totally supported and that she was giving me 100% of her energy.

Jolie stayed with me for a few hours after the birth and read me messages from my family while I rested. She helped me feel very positive about the birth despite my having been transferred to hospital in an ambulance.

Jolie came to visit us and the baby at home and gave us a wonderful review of the birth that she had written which was so helpful in sharing the experience with my husband who had missed the birth.’

N van Kampen, Frome


” We can’t thank you enough for all your help and support – you have been amazing!
You have worked so hard providing us with information and advice on our journey to parenthood!
We were so grateful for all you did whilst I was in labour. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t been there helping us ask the right questions! You are an absolute star!”
Sam, Philip


“When I first started looking into ante natal classes, I contacted NCT as they were the only ones I thought were available. The classes in my area were fully booked which turned out to be lucky for me as it lead me to Jolie. It was actually my husband  who found Jolie’s website

After a couple of phone calls, we agreed a date to start. As soon as I met Jolie, I knew I had made the right decision. She was warm & welcoming with a great sense of humour.

I loved the fact that Jolie would ask me what I wanted to cover, what was important to me, what made me feel anxious or concerned. I was lucky enough to have one to one sessions which made a huge difference in terms of how in depth we could discuss things.

It wasn’t only the obvious topis such as labour positions, pain relief, what to expect etc but Jolie also went through relaxation & visualisation techniques which I would not have thought of. We also watched videos which i found very helpful.

My husband joined us for a couple of sessions & I know that he was a little apprehensive to begin with. He was very impressed with how the sessions were structured & asked to be present for another before the birth,

I thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant & found it a wonderful & fascinating journey. The end result was our beautiful baby girl, G. I feel lucky that Jolie shared that journey with me & I cannot reccommend her highly enough. She has a wealth of knowledge & is clearly passionate about what she does.  ” Nicky,


Dear Jolie

“I’m writing to thank you for all the pre natal training and support you gave Nicky and I during her pregnaqncy. As a tradesman I would make the analogy that your training and guidance was like being presented with a bag full of tools capable of handling any task or difficulty. Most tools were not required but knowing they were there if needed instilled a confidence and calmness in me that allowed me to enjoy and engage in the most amazing experience of my life. Thank you.” Paul


“My name is Jane, mum of now three beautiful girls.  Three weeks before the due date of my third daughter, Jolie asked me if I’d like a Blessingway evening.  I didn’t really know what this involved but the thought of a night with my closest friends seemed like a wonderful idea.

This Blessingway evening that Jolie organised ended up being one of the most memorable and special moments of my pregnancy, which also had beneficial affects on my birth experience and beyond!

Jolie arranged all my closest friends to meet at my friend’s house.  She set the scene with scented candles, ambient lighting and tranquil music.  We met up and Jolie explained that the Blessingway is reputed to derive from a Navajo ceremony honoring the pregnant woman and preparing her for birth, which was good because none of us had attended one before. We initially relaxed, sitting in a circle sharing food, drink and our female experiences.  It was such a positive energy having all my female friends together and around me.

The evening then moved forward by Jolie reading out some inspirational quotations, readings and poems. It was so humbling having my friends come together for me; it made me feel very special.  I had been so busy and distracted with looking after my other two young children I had not had the chance to properly focus on the forthcoming arrival of my next child.  This evening helped me fully connect with myself, and made me feel pampered and nurtured by my female friends.

During this time Jolie bathed and massaged my feet in oil-scented water, it was bliss!

The next special moment of the evening was when each of my friends threaded a crystal onto a cord to form a bracelet. Each crystal was a different colour and represented each chakra point.  I held this bracelet when giving birth to my daughter, which promoted balance and calm.  In holding this bracelet I felt my friends were supporting me, it was a wonderful feeling of connection and calm.

Also during the evening a box was passed around for all of my friends to place in a written blessing or inspirational note. They had the choice of reading them out to me or letting me read them in private.  I used these during my labour and found them inspirational and supportive.

On the evening each of my friends said how they could help me practically after the birth, which they did for example by taking my other two girls out for the day. The Blessingway evening ended with a feeling of being connected with my friends and myself. I felt humbled, loved and supported, and I experienced the power of the female energy, how strong it is, and with it how you can accomplish anything!! Heartfelt thanks Jolie.”


“Thanks so much for all your support and help Jolie and for D’s very sweet vest” Emma


“I had a very precise plan for what I wanted for the birth of my son. I’m just that kind of person. It was well thought out and definitely included a water birth at home… Yet what do they say about the best laid plans?

I went into labour on a Friday evening on the 4th Sep 09 with some strange pains which I actually thought was indigestion. About 2 hours later I was in established labour with the midwives arriving to start the birth. A little after that my darling friend and doula, Jolie, arrived and together with my hubby, provided some solid support and reassurance. Labour progressed throughout the night yet my water had still not broken. I was in incredible pain and was sucking the gas like there was no tomorrow. I was still determined my son would be born in the pool. By Saturday afternoon (18 hours into labour) and after 3 changes in midwives it was agreed that my water would be broken at the Swindon hospital. I was rushed there in an ambulance where I was induced. Unbelievably and frustratingly I reverted to about 3 cms dilation and had to start labour again. Jolie was at my side whispering encouragement, speaking gently to me reminding me to breathe and keeping me calm.  I was given an epidural and at last I could just relax and feel human again. From the start I was dead set against any medication or pain relief and of course any medical intervention yet here I was getting everything that I wished so vehemently against. Oh well!

Labour progressed again, yet slowly and another 12 hours later I was taken in to have my son delivered. His head was very large and using suction, they were unable to get him out. Exhausted I basically just begged them for a caesarean. Throughout Jolie was holding my hand and keeping me sane. Her calm nature and incredible ability to empathise made her ideal as my doula throughout the birth. Finally my son, Rhys was born (9.3lbs!).

Besides the incredible support of my husband l I feel so privileged to have had Jolie present as doula. She made an incredible difference to the vibe of the birth as well as ensuring that I was protected from anything stressful. Although nothing happened according to plan I felt so safe in the company of my hubby, Jolie as well as the remarkable midwives and doctors at Swindon Hospital. Everything turned out very well and my son, 19 months old now, is healthy and beautiful and I am so grateful for him.” Lianne


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