Bold for Birth

Certified BOLD Method for Birth Facilitator, Doula & Founder at Jolie Doula & Power Naps for Super Women.

Jolie Compton.jpg

“For me Yoga Nidra is the BOLD Method tool that fills me with delight. It is the style of meditation I’ve completely fallen in love with. It helps women relax and genuinely embrace what’s coming up for them on their pregnancy & postpartum journey. It opens you up to hearing the whispers- following your intuition. It’s the whole package.”

Watch Jolie’s video below to hear about her experience learning The BOLD Method for Birth.

Using the BOLD Birth method is about leading pregnant women from fear to freedom, teaching pregnant mums to tune into the sensations in their body, hear their authentic voice and take action by making birth choices that are in alignment with their True Nature.

It is an exciting, sassy, savvy way to prepare for birth and you feel deeply seen and heard as you go on this journey.

Yoga Nidra Meditation is the icing on the birth prepation cake you will relax more deeply, make peace wth limiting beliefs and find your internal powerswitch – the light within from where you can make more aligned choices and take action!

If you want to prepare for birth with these methods as well as all the amazing tools I have learned through my work with Birthing Wisdom please call 07794 381 447 or email


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