Why Hire A Doula?

A Doula is a non-medical birth professional who meets with you during Jolie Doula Salisbury Children Pregnancy
pregnancy, accompanies you throughout labour, and helps you settle at home with your new baby.

A Doula understands the natural birth process, and how you can work in partnership with your mind, body, and environment to facilitate normal, natural birth and bonding with your newborn.

A Doula does not instruct the mother how to birth, or take over the father’s role a birth partner, the Doula respectfully nurtures and encourages the mother/ parents-to-be to find their own power and rhythm in the dance of birth, and if it gets hard or frightening is on-hand with practical support, reassurance and gentle encouragement.

Doulas are trained to give emotional and practical support generally leading to more satisfying and empowered experiences, and a decrease in interventions, caesarean sections and postnatal depression.

As a Holistic Doula I am trained to work with the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual qualities of birth which can be especially helpful for working with fears and anxieties around pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Our role is to provide wholehearted and unbiased support, as you explore the choices available to you about the way that you would like to birth and look after your newborn.  And to support you, your partner and your baby with those same qualities of commitment, love and care during the labour, birth and bonding period.

Some benefits of hiring a doula:

  • Continuous emotional and physical support for the birthing family
  • Support for the father, which increases his confidence in his role
  • Knowledge and experience in the birthing process
  • Unconditional support for your choices
  • 50% reduction in cesearean birth
  • 30% reduction in requests for pain medication
  • 60% fewer requests for epidural anesthesia
  • 25% decrease in the length of labour
  • Increased Breastfeeding Success
  • Greater overall satisfaction

Source:  The Doula Book by  Klaus, Kennel and Klaus

Doulas do not offer medical advice, but do offer knowledge around birth and the ability to help empower women through providing information, support and encouragement without judgment.

Doulas work alongside the midwifery team, but are employed by the mother or couple to ensure that the birthing woman and her family have continuity of care and loving encouragement to birth in their own unique way.

I have also trained as a Childbirth Educator and depending on your needs, can help you learn more about birth, bonding, feeding, newborn care and taking care of yourself after the birth.


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